Galaxy Ward, London E13

The refurbished Galaxy ward at Newham Centre for Mental Health provides a 12 bed adolescent PICU unit for the neighbouring Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health and includes a dedicated new entrance, therapy and supports spaces, a seclusion suite and secure outdoor gym and garden area.

The team worked closely with the Trust to provide a safe, uplifting environment in the existing ward which would support quick convalescence for service users. This was done using a carefully selected palette of materials and lighting, anti-ligature fittings, a calming colour scheme as well as improving sightlines for patient observation while ensuring privacy and dignity. The project used innovative products for mental health facilities including anti-ligature en-suite doors and robust but elegant anti-ligature ironmongery and locking systems.

A sensory room was provided; this is a therapeutic space where service users’ senses can be soothed and stimulated in a controlled manner.

  • Sector

    Mental Health & Wellbeing

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  • Client

    The East London NHS Foundation Trust