The Anchor Centre, Aberdeen

The ANCHOR centre will serve oncology and haematology patients throughout north east Scotland, The Orkneys and The Shetlands. The unit aims to provide the best possible treatment, care and support to visitors. Sonnemann Toon Architects were selected to create interior design that would be warm, welcoming and fresh; connecting visitors with the surrounding landscape.

The approach provides a single identity for the interior but with three styles - ‘traditional domestic’, ‘contemporary hospitality’ and ‘modern clinical’ - the ANCHOR’s unique identity will be instantly recognisable, while individual departments will offer their patients the most appropriate environment in which to receive care. Wayfinding is centered around a warm orange in circulation, clearly visible against the muted base palette of natural finishes and green / blue tones of secondary finishes and artwork. The art and accent elements transform from the forest floor at ground level to the forest canopy at the top floor.

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    NHS Grampian

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